Monday, March 23, 2015

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Collection 6 Colors

The Sucree collection of Migusa floor mats are available in a range of bright and breezy pop-inspired designs.

Create your own interior design from multiple colors: Orange, Peach, Grape, Melon, Soda, Mix.

Migusa Floor Mats Sucree Orange.

Sucree Orange

Sucree Peach.

Sucree Peach

Sucree Grape.

Sucree Grape

Sucree Melon.

Sucree Melon

Sucree Soda.

Sucree Soda

Sucree Mix.

Sucree Mix

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Migusa Floor Mats 9 Basic Colors

Migusa floor mats come in nine basic colors: Meseki Green, Meseki Leaf Green, Meseki Yellow, Meseki Ivory, Meseki Mocha Beige, Meseki Pink, Meseki Gray, Meseki Blue Violet and Meseki Charcoal.

Meseki Green
Meseki Green

Meseki Leaf Green.
Meseki Leaf Green

Meseki Yellow.
Meseki Yellow

Meseki Ivory.
Meseki Ivory

Meseki Mocha Beige.
Meseki Mocha Beige

Meseki Pink.
Meseki Pink

Meseki Gray.
Meseki Gray

Meseki Blue Violet.
Meseki Blue Violet

Meseki Charcoal.
Meseki Charcoal