Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bunchin Paperweights - beautiful Japanese iron ornaments


Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy, is an art that is very much alive and well in Japan. The implements used in shodo include a paperweight, or bunchin ("boon-chin") for the parchment while you brush the characters in ink.

Whale bunchin paperweight from GoodsFromJapan.

 Bunchin paperweights are almost a world of their own, such is their variety - in terms of shape, size, material, form, color - and, most importantly, their beauty.

Aubergine bunchin paperweight only from GoodsFromJapan.
GoodsFromJapan offers five beautiful, elegant Japanese bunchin paperweights, selected as being suitable as one-of-a-kind ornaments and decorations in the home: in that special room, as a discrete but exotic feature that others will notice, and you will love.

Crafted out of solid iron, and exquisitely, subtly colored, these very different bunchin all share one thing in common: whimsical beauty in quality, made-in-Japan cast iron.

Dolphin bunchin paperweight only from GoodsFromJapan.
There is the huge, gentle whale, presented here in very easy to handle proportions, the sleek, playful dolphin, the long, lissome - and healthy - green cucumber, the bulbous, sensual eggplant, and the comically grumpy-looking long-nosed Japanese devil, or "oni" - actually a figure of fun in Japan!
Oni bunchin paperweight only from GoodsFromJapan.

Choose any one of these bunchin, or buy the whole set at a reduced price - from GoodsFromJapan to your home, or to the mailbox of a delighted loved one.

Bunchin paperweights only from GoodsFromJapan.

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