Sunday, November 04, 2012

Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

The Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0 cable and similar cables often come up for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

- Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0 cable specifications and features
- Oxygen-free copper (OFC)-plated signal line and power source/ground line.
- Gold-plated contacts for enhanced durability/reliability.
- Hanenite™ and Hybrar™ hybrid conductor for reduction of unwanted oscillation.
- Thoroughgoing damping settings possible with Hanenite™-lined connectors.
- Heat-resistant to 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit).
- Resilient double sheathing of copper tape and OFC braided shield.
- USB2.0 compliant.

Rexat  AT7797/1.0
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USB cable Audio Technica Rexat AT7797/1.0

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