Thursday, April 16, 2009

Custom Happi Coats from Kyoto


Happi coats are lightweight cotton coats or jackets worn during festivals.

A happi is a baggy-sleeved short cotton jacket, tied with a sash around the waist, it is now worn mainly on festive occasions in Japan.

It is usually a plain color, typically blue, with a symbol printed on the lapels and on the back

The happi coat is the traditional costume normally worn by Japanese today at least as much as, if not more than, the kimono.

GoodsFromJapan specializes in custom happi orders.

You send us your design requirements, an image, the number of coats and sizes - and we will get you a cost estimate within one business day.

GoodsFromJapan has created special happi coats for the Anime Association of America, high schools, taiko groups, and more.

hawaii-happi1Shipping is via EMS, which is both registered and insured.

For all details, on custom happi click here.

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