Friday, April 04, 2014

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

AmiAmi is one of the biggest anime and character online shops in Japan.
Their huge inventory includes Gundam, robot toys, dolls, DVDs and CDs, miniature cars, model train sets and parts, software, idol photos and calendars, jigsaws etc.

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

If you wish to purchase anything from the AmiAmi store please contact us and we can purchase it for you., receive your items, repack them if necessary and send them on to you - all for a small fee.

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

Please contact us for details of our quick, easy and cheap Japan proxy purchasing service.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boba Fett Star Wars Eyewear

GoodsFromJapan are specialists in purchasing goods from Amazon Japan and sending them quickly and efficiently to your home or business.

An example of a recent purchase for a client is this Boba Fett Star Wars Eyewear.

Boba Fett Star Wars Eyewear

Let us make you happy, choose GoodsFromJapan's proxy buying service.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Beams T-shirts from Japan

Few Japanese T-shirt makers come out with as wide a line-up of cool T-shirts as BEAMS - the now-international Japanese clothing brand that started off in Tokyo's stylish Harajuku youth fashion district.

Beams produces the full range of fashion clothing for men and women, but it is the Beams T-shirts in particular that make a statement - and for which we at GoodsFromJapan get regular inquiries.

Beams' imaginative T-shirts combine a cool message with a very cool look - or should that be "looks." The range is huge, and whether its cutsey, streety, plain or over-the-top, you'll find a Beams T-shirt right for you or that someone special.

The number of street and skateboard and other artists and designers represented in the Beams T-shirt line-up is astounding: Shuntaro Takeuchi,  Palm Graphics, Wolves Kill Sheep, NuGgets, JT & Co., NexusVII, Welcome to the Suck, Aloye, Comic Band Orchestra, Militant Pacifist, Loser Machine, Scumco & Suns, The Quiet Life, Koichiro Takagi, Stefan Marx, Raw and many more.

To check out some of Beams way cool T-shirts, go to the Beams Japan website and  paste "Tシャツ" into the search box.

Beams doesn't ship overseas, so GoodsFromJapan provides a service that is reasonably priced (1,200 yen + 10% of cost of the goods), efficient (payable by PayPal, and using EMS postal service, trackable online, fully insured, and with you in about 5 days) and reliable (thousands of happy customers) to get Beams T-shirts to you, wherever you are in the world.

Contact us when you find that must-have Beams T-shirt from Japan.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Goods From Japan in January issue of Australian Homespun

Goods From Japan was proud to be kindly featured in the January issue of Australian Homespun magazine.

Goods From Japan in Australian Homespun magazine

Our traditional Japanese happi coats and tatami sandals were pictured.

Goods From Japan in Australian Homespun

Australian Homespun

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful Commemorative Japanese Stamps

Japan is a nation of enthusiasts, collectors,and—in what has almost become an English word—otaku, or "nerds." Japanese boys traditionally collect and rear stag beetles which they stage fights between, Japanese girls have traditionally loved their dolls, and in modern Japan this love of discovery and acquisition has extended to the full panoply of comsumables available to well-off, almost universally "middle-class," Japan.

Among the collectables that the Japanese do particularly well are postage stamps.

Philately is alive and well in Japan, which has its fair share of stamp museums to reflect the popular (if not overwhelmingly so) interest among Japanese people in stamps of Japan and the world.

There is a regular output of commemorative stamps by Japan Post, all of them distinguished by their richness and/or subtly of coloring, their imaginative design and impeccable production.

Pictured here are some commemorative stamp issues from the past, celebrating the postal service, Japanese calligraphy and letter writing.

GoodsFromJapan is always ready to help you follow up on any Japanese stamps you may be interested in, purchase them for you and deliver them to wherever you are, trouble-free and reliably, for a reasonable fee—payable using PayPal.

This is just one of the many proxy purchase services offered by GoodsFromJapan, vouched for by thousands of satisfied customers the world over.


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Used Hermes Handbags from Daikokuya

Daikokuya is Japan's biggest and most well-known chain of stores dealing in high-class second-hand goods.

GoodsFromJapan regularly deals with customers, mainly in Asia, who wish to purchase goods from Daikokuya, but are unable to because Daikokuya does not do business in English, and does not deal with customers overseas.

Most of GoodsFromJapan's experience with Daikokuya is with luxury handbags, in particular Hermes handbags.

Contact us for more details

Friday, September 27, 2013

Premium White Ozora Kendama

The Premium White Ozora kendama is new for 2013.

The Premium White Ozora has a stickier paint job than other Ozora models.

Premium White Ozora Kendama

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