Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan


Psycho-Pass products are a popular recent item on GoodsFromJapan.com.

Psycho Pass Products From Amazon Japan.

Psycho-Pass is a popular anime TV series and now movie in Japan. The story is set in an authoritarian, dystopian future in 2113 where sensors scan the "pyscho-pass" of every citizen to see if they are about to commit crimes or have the potential to commit crimes.

Criminals are tracked by officers of the Public Safety Bureau who carry hand weapons called Dominators.

Psycho-Pass Products From Amazon Japan.

Characters who star in the series include Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami and Shogo Makishima.

Products related to the Psycho-Pass series include books, DVDs, manga, model Dominator guns, key holders and phone charms.

Have you seen a Psycho-Pass item you want on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions Japan or elsewhere? Contact GoodsFromJapan for an obligation-free quote.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh

See a host of our sushi lanterns at a branch of Yo! Sushi in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

Yo! Sushi is Britain's biggest sushi chain serving the most delicious, fresh sushi in the country.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

Our sushi lanterns grace restaurants in the USA, UAE, Britain, Denmark, Thailand and Australia.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

If you wish to give an authentic Japanese feel to you restaurant, cafe or bar please contact us for information on bulk orders.

Sushi Lanterns at Yo! Sushi Edinburgh.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Gundam figurines from Amazon Japan & Yahoo Auctions

Gundam figurines are a popular item on GoodsFromJapan.com.

"Gundam" originates from a Japanese TV "space opera" series, Mobile Suit Gundam, created by the Sunrise group of animators, that first appeared on the Japanese airwaves: the Nagoya Broadcasting Network, back in April 1979 (when Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was top of the pops).

In the three decades since then, the Gundam franchise has blossomed to cover a range of media such as video games, movies, manga comics, and figurines.

A Gundam is, as the TV series title says, a "mobile suit"—the ultimate power suit in that it equips the wearer (really the "pilot") with the ability to access places, protect and shoot to kill as only a machine can.

One of the Gundam saga's major attractions is that these otherwise highly fantastical machines are firmly grounded in real world physics and mechanics. They run out of power, they wear out, they need reloading with ammunition. This is paralleled by a realistic human drama that goes on between the Gundam "wearers," whose personalities and ways of doing things change over time and with experience.

There are countless models of Gundam Mobile Suit, and all of them are available as plastic models, either do-it-yourself or ready-assembled. Gundam figurines from Japan are very high quality, intricately molded, and beautifully painted. Gundam models portray the ultimate blend of brute force and sophisticated styling.

GoodsFromJapan gets regular requests from overseas customers for Gundam figurines available new or second-hand on Yahoo Auctions Japan or Amazon Japan: both of which are generally cater to the Japanese domestic market only.

GoodsFromJapan requires pre-payment by PayPay, then we purchase (or in the case of the typical auction, bid) on behalf of you the customer. We then safely and securely repack the goods for sending overseas, and dispatch them using the 100% reliable, super-fast JapanPost EMS service, trackable online and fully insured.

Have you seen a Gundam figurine you want on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions Japan or elsewhere? Contact GoodsFromJapan for an obligation-free quote.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Design Your Own Vinyl Japanese Lantern

Design Your Own Vinyl Japanese Lantern
GoodsFromJapan.com offers a unique service for people wishing to purchase Japanese lanterns known as chochin in Japanese.

Choose from a variety of in-house traditional, Japanese designs or send us your own, such as your company logo or sports' team name.

Japanese lanterns make for a superb decoration for gardens and out-houses or can be displayed within the home.

Being made of vinyl these lanterns are ideal for outdoor use. We can also produce your lantern using Japanese washi or rice paper, though these are not recommended for outdoor use.

Design Your Own Vinyl Japanese Lantern
Sizes of the lanterns range from 15cm (6 inches) in length to 115cm (45 inches) in length. Prices range from about 35 USD for the smallest lanterns to around 300 USD for the largest.

Please allow 3 weeks to complete your order.

Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

REVOLTECH DANBOARD - a cute cardboard robot from Japan


The adorable Revoltech Danboard ("danboard" meaning "cardboard" in Japanese for "cardboard robot") has become a hit both in Japan and overseas. GoodsFromJapan has been receiving numerous purchase requests for the cute battery-powered Revoltech Danboard, and has shipped them out to many satisfied customers.

Being battery-powered, the Revoltech Danboard moves his limbs and his eyes light up!

Few products fuse the pedestrian simplicity of the cardboard box, the high-tech cutting-edge image of the robot, and the must-have adorableness of a children's toy into a single, unique product so adeptly.

The Danbo Robot is the creation of Japan's Yotuba Sutazio (i.e., Yotsuba Studio) and features in its "Yotsuba" mange. The Revoltech Danboard comes in various sizes and styles.  There is an Amazon Japan-only version of the Revoltech Danboard, a Pepsi version, a "plain-pack" version, a "Mandarin orange carton" version, and more.

The Revoltech Danboard is so popular that there is high demand for it even as a second-hand item. Revoltech Danboard has clearly become a hit with collectors of kawaii products from Japan.

If you are trying to get hold of a Revoltech Danboard, please contact us at GoodsFromJapan. We charge a reasonable 1,200 yen basic handling fee for buying it on your behalf, plus 10% of the cost of the goods, and ship it to you via the Japan Post's secure EMS service, trackable online.

(Please understand that we cannot send batteries in the post. You will have to put them in yourself.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hi-Fi Audio Cables from Japan

Japan has some of the world's biggest names in high end audio. Names like Audio Technica, Acrolink, Luxman, Fidelity Research, Onkyo, Denon, Accuphase, JVC, Jelco, 47 Labs, Nakamichi, and Esoteric are legendary in their respective fields.

GoodsFromJapan has years of experience dealing in high-end audio equipment and components, exporting both new and second-hand stereo goods from Japan to Europe, the United States, South America and elsewhere.

One product GoodsFromJapan gets regular inquiries about is audio cable.

Acrolink is one supplier of high-end audio cable that is highly respected for its ultra high-fidelity cables. Pictured here is a 0.5 m pair of Acrolink's 7N-A2070 RCA interconnect cable featuring almost 100% pure copper, and below a 1 m pair of Acrolink 7N-D5000 with its two cores of 19-strand 0.26mm diameter 7N copper.

The top product was won from YahooAuctions Japan—a source of select, high-quality, hard-to-find goods for large numbers of our customers—and the bottom one from an audio supplier in Tokyo.

GoodsFromJapan offers experience of buying and selling in Japan, along with on-hand Japanese language ability, and secure shipping—as over a decade's worth of satisfied customers will attest to.

Our customers deal with us mainly by email and pay using PayPal. We ship using the fully insured, trackable online, express postal service EMS. Please inquire with us about what you are looking for from Japan.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

AmiAmi is one of the biggest anime and character online shops in Japan.
Their huge inventory includes Gundam, robot toys, dolls, DVDs and CDs, miniature cars, model train sets and parts, software, idol photos and calendars, jigsaws etc.

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

If you wish to purchase anything from the AmiAmi store please contact us and we can purchase it for you., receive your items, repack them if necessary and send them on to you - all for a small fee.

Buy Anime Goods & Characters from Ami Ami

Please contact us for details of our quick, easy and cheap Japan proxy purchasing service.